From: Karl T.

I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to have had a 2 hour session with May while was in Bangkok. The experience was like what I think many other men’s sexual fantasies are like and for sure she fulfilled all of mine. I think once in our lives we all deserve the opportunity to be with a young, beautiful, passionate, sexually uninhibited girl like this. She did things with me in a way that most girls would probably be too shy to do and with a happy, care free attitude the whole time. Amazing. Although more costly than picking up a girl of the night in a place like a bar or disco in Bangkok, but for sure worth it. I will for sure look her up again next time I am in the land of smiles, which will hopefully be soon.


From: Phil W.

Dear May: I can tell you that I spent one of the sweetest time in my life. You are really perfect. Nice, cute, young, smiling, sexy of course…You are also intelligent. You have a perfect understanding of the situations, you are always, in any circumstances, the right lady at the right place with the right behaviour. You are an artist. I wish you all the best in your life. You deserve it. And I hope to see you again on earth or in the moon !! or in my dreams…. Take care.

P.S. – Gentlemen, if you read these lines, you can trust me. May is exactly what we, Men, are looking for…..but if you contact her, don’t tell me …I will be jealous !


From: Peter J.

Last week I had the pleasure of spending three hours with May at my hotel. When I opened the door, I was breathless. May is such a pretty and neat girl who seduced you already after a short time in the seventh heaven. We spent an exciting and interesting time, unfortunately far too short. When I’ll come back to Bangkok next time, I will definitely meet again with May, but then for a longer time, and perhaps on a romantic island …


From: Roland T.

So I contacted May which was very easy since she replied in less then 24 hours. Even there she was very flexible when I had to postpone my date with her for the day after. The description of her the way she treads a man is just breathtakingly. After only 5 minutes she can read your mind and serves you with all your known and unknown fantasies.You are able to spend one week with her in a hotel room at a beautiful island, but you would not miss the beach and the scenery at all. That does not mean that you have to be a super stallion. She will give you the real girlfriend experience, just with out mismatched hints 😉


From: Greg S.

I had the pleasure of spending the better part of one evening with May on January 18th. I found her to be an excellent provider: easy going, articulate, and very fun (in and out of bed). We met early in the evening and since neither one of us had eatten, we had dinner at the Japanese restaraunt in the hotel. During our conversation during dinner, I found out that May has a very good mind for business, and goals that I’m sure she will reach because of her personal drive. But, after dinner is where May really exceeds all other providers that I have spent time with. May was very attentive (and very skilled) in the bedroom, and provided service freely that other providers must often be coxed into. By far one of the best experiences I have ever had. I would gladly spend another evening with her the next time I am in Thailand.


From: Barry E.

As I have seen May the first time in the lobby of the hotel it was just breathtakingly….. I will never forget this moment. May is a very beautiful and classy young women with an incredible sexy body and she has a very charming personality. The experience you will have with her is…. beyond words 🙂


From: Ben M.

I just wanted to say I had a fantastic time with May. She was everything I expected and even more. Her photos don’t really do her justice because they don’t show her beautiful face. But she is really a beautiful woman in every way. We had a really great time. She arrives on time, as a class act, knows how to carry herself in public when she met me in the lobby and was dressed great. Once in my room she turned into the sexual goddess of my dreams. I will definitely see her again the next time I am in Bangkok. She is worth another visit for sure.


From: John C.

I met May at a fantastic restaurant which she picked and booked. She really went the extra mile to make the evening special and was always incredibly thoughtful. I must confess that along the way I genuinely felt like I was on a date with this incredibly beautiful, stylish woman. May is the kind of girl you spy from the corner of your eye and then cannot look away – and once she flashes her smile you are mesmerised – lost forever! And underneath it all lies a woman with tremendous strength of character and determination – someone genuinely interesting to talk to over dinner. In the bedroom she’s fun, spontaneous, full of surprises and tireless. I won’t forget the time I spent with May!


From: John W.

I had the pleasure of May’s company during a short October holiday in BKK. May was easy to contact and our meeting arrangements went flawlessly. May is everything described below; beautiful, sexy, engaging and charming. I would add intelligent, coy and disarming. Not knowing what to expect, our first session was an opener. Once she turns on you’re heading straight for a PSE. After our first round we went for a bite then out for some pool and drinks. That turned into 3-way session with borderline cardiac arrest – they’re not kidding about May’s stamina! Definitely top shelf, definitely love’s her work and definitely my new ATF in BKK. Cheers May! JW


From: Andy K.

May is relly something very special and she is so exciting and sexy as you will not beleave it if you would not learn to know and to see her. I never found such a perfect escort Girl around the world. She also is perfect in communcating like she is perfect to make a man very very happy. It is more than girlfriend Sex. I definitively will come back to enjoy her great body and attitude again.


From: Bob P.

May is a very hot sexy kitten with the body of an exotic fitness model. She is sexually charged and knows how to please. She is determined to make you happy and will progressively build you up to realizing that fantasy you envisioned the moment you laid eyes on her sexy sultry body! I will definitely repeat when I return to Bangkok!!


From: George J.

May is really an outstanding girl with a very nice body and a wonderful face. She is top class and easy going. May demonstrated an exceptional energy to please a man as well as a woman which was new for my female partner. We spent a very good time with my female partner and I and definitely we will meet again next time we will visit Thailand to spend all the night with her. We do recommend May, she is definitely one of the best, if not the best, in Bangkok !! – G+L


From: Steve L.

The first time I met May, she came over to my hotel around 10pm and I remember my heart was pounding when I went down to the lobby to meet her as my expectations were quite high. Well, I can say that I wasn’t disappointed when my eyes set upon a hot, pretty and sexy woman. May stayed overnight and I was pleasantly surprised to find her a vivacious and spirited young lady. She was patient and engaging, even when I woke her up at 5am one of the mornings. She has a feisty and funny side to her and she’s a great conversationalist. It was really nice to find so much personality and character behind the pretty face. Since that first time, I’ve met with May five or six times, each time booking her overnight at a minimum, and a couple of times for the whole day. She has a relaxed, positive attitude that makes her a fun companion and partner. The bedroom activities are great; she is patient when I can’t keep up with her, and she never makes me feel under pressure. She is very perceptive at picking up cues, and will lead or be led depending on what you want. She’s also pretty adventurous, so you might want to try some new things with her! I give her as much advance warning as I can whenever I’m planning to be in Bangkok since I missed seeing her once as she already had an appointment with someone else…so book ahead! The more I see her, the more I enjoy my time with her, so you can bet that I see her every time I’m in town.


From: Don T.

I can only say great things about this lady. May is the BEST ESCORT in Bangkok by far. I have her see me every time i am in Bangkok and when you try her you will understand and you will want to see her again I am sure. She is polite and classy so you can take her anywhere and you will look good with her on your arm. Every man around will be wishing he were you. And in the bed? Oh my. Every mans fantasy in one little package. The time spent with this lady here is worth every penny. Incredible and beautiful and she definatly makes you glad to be a man when you are with her. If you are in Bangkok or coming soon set it up. You will be happy you did. I will see you in 8 weeks May. Thanks again for the wonderful afternoons. Kisses!!


From: Michael H.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting May and WOW, is one way to describe her. It’s obvious from her photos that she has an amazing body and once you meet her in person, she has a gorgeous face, as well. In person, her body looks even better than her photos, petite, toned, beautiful dark skin, great tits, with a great personality to match. I spent two hours of uninhibited sex, she is a true dynamo, she has a lot of energy and could probably go all night. She is fun to talk to and really enjoys what she does, she loves sex. I highly recommend May to anyone visiting or living in Bangkok, I will certainly give her a call when I return to BKK. Kisses to you may. – Michael H., USA


From: Steve R.

May was great. Just like she looks in her photos or I should say even better in person. She is hot! She arrived on time, was dressed nicely, clean, smelled nice, all a man could ask for. I have had some experiences with escorts before, but May was by far the best I have had so far. We spent the night together and it was worth every minute of it. And not to mention she was great in the bed where it really counts. Thank you May and I will see you again the next time I am in Bangkok.


From: Allen K.

This month whilst on a business trip travelling through bangkok I had the pleasure and honor to spend a couple of hours with May. Like most guys, I saw her listing on an escort website and I sent emails to a few girls and May was the only one to reply, so she got top marks for that!! Her emails are delighful and her english is as good if not better than mine!! I swiftly replied and set up a meeting.

Like others, when the door opened I was very very pleased indeed, may is small but gorgeous. Its true what they say that big things come in small packages!! She is sexy and sweet and very caring, she has a hot body that oozes sex appeal and she dressed in a classy way that was also fashionable and not your normal “slutty” style clothes. During our meeting I never felt rushed or hurried, in fact May is a very chilled out and laid back sort of gal. We even managed to lay back and watch a funny movie together which was a lot of fun!! May is also always up for sex and she was always very willing to pamper me and make sure that I was taken care of.

I can recommend May with out hesitation and will be calling on her when ever I am in Bangkok.


From: John B.

May is simply not like other escorts in Thailand. She showed up at my hotel the Royal President on time and when I opened the door I was very pleased she is smoking hot. She is reserved, modest, quiet, and “I would like to say”, she is shy,( but she is not !). No jumping me or rushing to be naked. I felt like I was back in college on a first date, wondering how she’d like me and just how far I might get. And there always seemed to be a little mystery in the air. It was actually very enjoyable and the growing anticipation combined with uncertainty made for a unique kind of arousal. In the end May was my best escort experience. It was great sex and she had lots of energy. This was a very different kind of escort experience for me. If you see May once you would want to see her again!!!


From: Lars K.

May was wonderful. Exactly what I was needing. Her skills are great, she is beautiful and has a great attitude. She dresses well and arrived right on time. I really had a good time with her both sexually and we had some great laughs. She made me fell good in more ways than one. I hope I can see her again sometime. A first class escort who aims to please.


From: Rob P.

I recently met May for a 2 hour encounter as I only had one day in Bangkok before flying onto my next destination. I must say, it was well worth the price. At first I was a bit reluctant about the price for 2 hours when I hadn’t even seen her face, but her pictures are spectacular in my opinion and she was even more sexy than that in person, and with a great attitude to boot. Friendly, patient, keen, and well skilled in everything. I will definitely check her out again the next time I am in Bangkok.


From: Bernard H.

Her pictures are very attractive , sexy !! The good surprise !! in real , she even more pretty. A lovely face , a very sexy petite-style body with perfect curvs, smooth tan skin !!! Really pretty thai Model. Very sensual foreplay , exiting games with her tongue. It’s rare to see a such pleasure expert for a very young girl !! From slow & voluptuous oral to energetic sex ….. All wonderful !!! Unforgetable !! Between 2 sex sessions , May showed an interesting personnality : She enjoys life , pleasure , exitment of outdoor leisures, high intensity emotions …. travels…adventure It’s a pity she has 2 or 3 different professional activities and can not travel outside Bangkok for the moment…otherwise she may be a perfect companion to travel with !! Highly recommended for High Quality “amateurs” only !! See you again Lovely May …… May be with 3some (MFF) for some fun experience next time. French Kiss. Bernard-H

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